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Unlike most recruiters that I see on LinkedIn advertising jobs around the world and asking for likes or connections, James was very different. James contacted me personally through our connection and asked if I would be interested in going overseas. Once I told James that I was interested, he took off like wildfire and not more than a week later I had an interview with the top EPC Contractor in the Middle East.

Long story short, an offer was made and accepted, so you would think this is where the story ends, but not this time. There were some documentation issues that came up that I was not aware of and this is where James stepped up to the plate and shined! James went out of his way helping with everything he could, contacting people, agencies, Embassy’s etc. to help fast-track any documentation requirements in order to get me to work. James did this all with a 7 hour time difference and had no problem answering late emails or weekend calls. In my opinion James did far more than expected from a recruiter, he went way beyond my expectations. All this from a person that I have never physically met, only talked to on the telephone or by email. Imagine what he would do for you if he knew you!

If you are looking for a recruiter to find you a job, do not hesitate to connect with James. My experience with him has been outstanding and I cannot thank him enough for doing something that no other recruiter has been able to do until now, get me overseas employment.