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How Technology Is Changing the Construction Industry

Most construction industry professionals acknowledge that increased adoption of technology is in their future. Yet many still resist committing their time or money, and others invest sporadically, hoping to see results by using tech for tech’s sake.

Improved project outcomes can only occur through understanding the most significant of the individual applications and devices that are currently available, and realizing how those technologies are already working together and giving rise to emergent processes. These processes will likely supplant many of the standalone systems that now dominate the tech landscape and will represent the new normal for project execution in the not-so-distant future.

While technology can improve the design and construction process, implementation of technology must be part of a broader strategic platform.

Many of today’s most popular software, technologies and devices have proven themselves thoroughly on large-scale building and infrastructure projects. According to the World Economic Forum, “Wherever the new technologies have properly permeated this fragmented industry, the outlook is an almost 20 percent reduction in total life cycle costs of a project, as well as substantial improvements in completion time, quality and safety.”